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What Is A Workout Log?

3 MINUTE READ Over the years I’ve had a lot of clients who wanted to track their progress in detail, record every session and every exercise they’ve done. I’ve always advised that it seems like too much work, that they have me to take care of this, that it’s not that important, and that thereContinue reading “What Is A Workout Log?”

How To Lose Weight Without Exercise

4 MINUTE READ LOL. I didn’t know this was such a hot topic! In simple words – YES, it is possible but before I tell you how to go about it let me tell you this. I get a TON of questions on how to lose weight at home, how to lose weight on legs,Continue reading “How To Lose Weight Without Exercise”

10 Reasons Why Water Is Important

5 MINUTE READ If you’re anything like me (and I believe you are) we’re both tired of listening to people say: YOU NEED TO DRINK WATER! WATER IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING EVER! 😡 Oof, this shit is intense. Drinking water has become the subject where instead of being willing to listen we just getContinue reading “10 Reasons Why Water Is Important”

The Benefits Of Protein (And Why You Need It)

5 MINUTE READ Together with carbs and fats, protein is a macronutrient which means your body needs relatively large amounts of it. You store carbs as glycogen in your muscles and liver, you store fat underneath your skin, but there is no storage of protein which your body can go to when it needs it.Continue reading “The Benefits Of Protein (And Why You Need It)”

Why Everyone Says That Carbohydrates Are Sooooo Bad?

4 MINUTE READ Whenever I hear this I’m pumped! I grab some beef jerky or protein bites (GOD FORBID ANY POPCORN, THAT WOULD BE CARBS) and listen. ‘Ahh yes, this is going to be a good one!’ You’ll see experts in every comment section, every corner of the street, every discussion about food, basically EVERYWHEREContinue reading “Why Everyone Says That Carbohydrates Are Sooooo Bad?”

This Is Why You Should Count Your Macros

4 MINUTE READ Do you ever think about what you eat throughout the day? Most of you will scoff and say ‘WELL OF COURSE I DO.’ Before you lose your shit, let me say that I’d definitely agree! I’m super happy to see that more and more people are getting conscious about what they eatContinue reading “This Is Why You Should Count Your Macros”

How To Improve Your Body With These 5 Healthy Habits

7 MINUTE READ Take care of your body. It’s the only one you’ve got. Damo PT I’m sure that 474 936 people said that before me but this one hits home for me. If you want to call your lifestyle healthy, you need to have the foundation that will support this claim. Otherwise you’re simplyContinue reading “How To Improve Your Body With These 5 Healthy Habits”