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How To Lose Weight Without Exercise

4 MINUTE READ LOL. I didn’t know this was such a hot topic! In simple words – YES, it is possible but before I tell you how to go about it let me tell you this. I get a TON of questions on how to lose weight at home, how to lose weight on legs,Continue reading “How To Lose Weight Without Exercise”

Why Everyone Says That Carbohydrates Are Sooooo Bad?

4 MINUTE READ Whenever I hear this I’m pumped! I grab some beef jerky or protein bites (GOD FORBID ANY POPCORN, THAT WOULD BE CARBS) and listen. ‘Ahh yes, this is going to be a good one!’ You’ll see experts in every comment section, every corner of the street, every discussion about food, basically EVERYWHEREContinue reading “Why Everyone Says That Carbohydrates Are Sooooo Bad?”