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How To Lose Weight Without Exercise


LOL. I didn’t know this was such a hot topic! In simple words – YES, it is possible but before I tell you how to go about it let me tell you this.

I get a TON of questions on how to lose weight at home, how to lose weight on legs, arms, hips, thighs, face, or even how to lose weight without exercising.

If I wanted to come up with a list of what I’m being asked on this topic I could go on for hours. How to lose weight quicker? Can I lose weight by walking? Sometimes it drives me crazy (just a bit tho).

But why is that so many of us want to actually lose weight?

This seems to be pretty straightforward – we want to look good and feel good in our own bodies, end of story.

What gets on my nerves though is that more and more people are looking for a ‘quick fix’, an easy way. This doesn’t apply just to fitness but to pretty much everything in our lives now.

We live in an age where instant gratification is very real, we want things and we want them NOW. Want a new phone? Ordered, next day delivery. Want something to eat? Gone to the shop downstairs and got it. Watching youtube and something freezes for 3 seconds -we lose our shit!

Nothing worth having comes easy, I just wish more people realised it.

You won’t get an amazing body by doing NOTHING, however there are some tips I will share with you that will help you lose weight without exercise (and no, this is not a joke as you actually CAN lose weight with no exercise at all).

1. Count calories

If you really want to lose weight you must pay attention to what you eat, there is no other way. If someone told you differently I call it bullshit.

Whether you write everything down in a nutrition log or use an app on your phone – you need to know how much food you actually consume on a daily basis.

Find out your caloric maintenance level using an online calculator and then deduct about 10% from that number. That will put your body in a caloric deficit where you will start using stored fat for energy. Revise this once a week at the same time of the day and adjust if necessary – if you’re not losing weight then subtract more calories. If you’re losing weight too fast, get some more food in.

It’s all about caloric balance and without this you won’t go far. You can change your body with nutrition only without any exercise, while you cannot change your body with exercise only without a nutrition plan.

2. Drink more ( mainly water)

This is a big one. It’s easy to mistake hunger for thirst as the sensation we feel is pretty much the same. Try to replace any sugary drinks with water where possible or with sugar free alternatives. It’s not sustainable to drop everything and just switch to water, you won’t stick to it for long.

Like drinking coca cola? Go for diet coke. Energy drinks? Opt for the ‘zero’ versions. Using a lot of sugar with tea or coffee? Swap it for stevia, xylitol, or any other 0 kcal alternatives. I don’t want you to kill yourself just to lose a few pounds and then put it back on, make these choices your lifestyle habits so you can enjoy the results for the rest of your life.

3. Eat more veggies

Out of all the foods these will have a huge impact on your portion sizes. Vegetables take plenty of space on the plate, take a bit of time to go through, and majority of them are low in calories.

Vegetables also have great amounts of micro elements which are difficult to get from any other source.

4. Plan your meals

This is an amazing way to control what you eat. Whether you cook it yourself or get a ready meal, make sure to plan it.

Grabbing something on the go? You probably won’t have an idea what’s actually in that meal and this is one of the biggest pitfalls people fall into. They don’t realise how many calories are there in what they eat.

Having a plan is crucial to success in any field!

5. Eat more fibre

Fibre moves through your digestive track slower keeping you feeling full for longer.

Whole grains, vegetables, nuts, and fruit are an excellent source of fibre. Make sure to get plenty of it as its satiety boosting properties can not only help you lose weight but also control it once you get down to the weight you want to maintain.

6. Add some activity to your day

I know, I know… it was supposed to be an exercise-less post but give it a go. Honestly. I’m not talking about anything extreme, intense, or competitive. Try walking, hiking, cycling, rollerblading, or skateboarding – just get your body moving.

Firstly, it will greatly boost weight loss while combined with a nutrition plan. Secondly, your body will thank you as all the processes that take place within it will be more efficient which is key to longevity.

7. Get more sleep

Sleep is King. Or Queen. Whichever you prefer to call it. It’s amazing for your body so make sure you get enough of it.

Poor sleeping habits influence your hormonal system which in turn will deregulate your metabolism. When your hormones are out of balance it can cause you to have these ‘cravings’ that everyone talks about.

You probably think that ALL OF THIS is easier said than done and I 100% agree with you. It might feel overwhelming, like you didn’t know where to start and how to make sure you’re doing the right thing.

Feel free to get in touch to discuss anything fitness related (no worries, I’m a REPS certified personal trainer with years of experience, I know what I’m doing)

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