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What Is A Workout Log?


Over the years I’ve had a lot of clients who wanted to track their progress in detail, record every session and every exercise they’ve done.

I’ve always advised that it seems like too much work, that they have me to take care of this, that it’s not that important, and that there are different aspects of training they should focus on.

I used to refer them to an app they could download on their phone or to Amazon if they really wanted to have something in their hands. You know – kind of ‘have a look if you like anything and get one that works for you’.

What happened was that a lot of my clients and people I know and train with resorted to making their own logs. That’s where I thought to myself – maybe it’s not just to write some numbers down. Maybe there is more to this than knowing what they’ve done each day.

I decided to ask around to find out what’s the real reason for keeping a fitness journal and boy was I surprised…

Every single one of us is a very special human being who has different goals, needs, and ideas. After speaking to lots of my friends and clients it turns out that keeping a log helps them track their goals, see their progression, compare their measurements from weeks before, motivates them and much much more!

Majority of ultra successful people will tell you that you should write your goals down, like pen and paper carried more weight than any phone app or just thinking about it in your head. If this is true then why not apply this to your training and nutrition?

Why not use all resources available to maximise efficiency?

I always try to put myself in other people’s shoes to have a better understanding of what they think and ultimately need so I can help them achieve these goals (I recommend everyone does that, it makes us more empathetic and caring which is what the world needs more of).

Taking all of this into consideration I decided to create a workout log that covers 90 days worth of training and I must say I’m HYPED!


Well, a lot of feedback I’ve received was that most of them are either too packed with stuff you don’t really need. The rest of them seemed poor in terms of design and information provided. None of them seemed to strike a balance between all these factors.

I strongly believe that a workout journal should have these two points as their core:

  1. It should be easy to fill out and navigate. You should focus on the exercises instead of trying to figure out where to log particular bits and pieces.
  2. It should be useful to you. There is a ton of information on every topic out there which is both good and bad. How do you know if what’s in there can be trusted? I’m a REPS certified personal trainer and my only goal is to help, educate, and motivate people to be their best selves. You can trust the information contained in my logs to be true. It has only one purpose – to help you.

The log is now available at Amazon, you can follow the link below to see it for yourself. I’m sure you’ll love it as it’s been designed by a personal trainer with people like you in mind.

Click HERE to get the workout log!

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