The secret to living is GIVING.

No matter what your idea of business is, if you don’t provide value and make a positive impact on other people’s lives you will never be successful in the long run (happy? forget it!)

What happens these days is that everyone wants everything FAST. We want it NOW.

Fair enough, we live in an era where phone calls, text messages, and emails enable us to communicate instantly across the globe. Almost every product you want can be made available to you straightaway with next (or even same) day delivery. That got both you and I a bit lazy, didn’t it?

On top of that we’re being bombarded with bullshit ads saying you can have a perfect body in 10 minutes a day. I mean WOW, what a click bait that is.

Unfortunately it’s all there is- a click bait that’s supposed to get you hyped for a minute, get you to make an impulse decision and then leave you alone knowing there was no value provided and you won’t benefit from it at all. What do you do with all this information? How do you make sure you do it right?

This is where greats are separated from the average.

I won’t talk about the average as it’s a waste of time and we all should aspire to be great. These greats will be pumped to help you and see you succeed. It will make them feel more alive and that starts a snowball effect- the more they help people, the happier they feel and then they stay motiveted. That’s how they keep their momentum.

You can find a few tips on how to create this ‘think about others’ mentality:

  1. Aim to do something every day without expecting anything in return.

This will set you up for what is to come. See how it feels to be geniuenly interested in other people and be willing to help them for free. This way you will experience true happiness and gratitude feeling your motives were pure. There was no remuneration, feel like you’ve done it for yourself in order to feel better. Imagine everyone on this planet done one act of this kind a day… the world would be a better place with less egoistic omnipresent ‘me, myself , and I.’ Instead we would experience human kind as a whole where we thrive as one. Even thinking of it makes me smile 🙂 Go on, try it yourself next time you see a stranger in need and feel the change within yourself, how it transforms you as a human being.

2. Think in terms of ‘how is my product/service helping people?’

I strongly believe you cannot run a successful business and be truly happy at the same time without geniuinely being interested in other people’s needs and trying to make their lifes better in some way. If your business is focused on getting sales in without caring about the end client, sorry to say- you are bound to fail. Even if you somehow keep going, other people will spread the word, review your business and eventually you will have to pack your bags. It will drain you physically and emotionally and in that state you simply cannot build a successful empire.

3. Provide more value.

A horrible place into which small thinking forces you into is thinking that once the product or service is sold the deal is over. The customer is gone. Bella ciao.

You cannot be more wrong. First of all, these people can come back to you again and tell their friends that either your business is crap or it is the best one in town. All depends on whether you provide real value. If what they got from you improves their life in any way, you both win as everyone will now know that doing business with you actually impacts lives in a positive way. Promise loads to an extend it seems ridiculous for the price and then OVERDELIVER! This way you will have people lining up to you knowing you are the one who will change their lives.

4. Care more.

5. Create a community and interact with it.

6. Stop thinking about yourself and focus on others.

7. And many, many, many, more. The list goes on.

Drop any ideas you had that these people are there to buy YOUR product. They are there to give YOU their money. It all comes down to you realising that you are there to help OTHERS and get rewarded in the process.

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